Ear Infections

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Your dog or cat means the world to you, and therefore their health and happiness are paramount. Of course, no one is either healthy or happy with an ear infection, which is why here at Breton Veterinary Hospital in Leonardtown, we are highly trained to recognize and treat them. Whether your pet comes in for a checkup and we notice something wrong, or you see symptoms and bring them in, we’ll formulate a treatment plan and put it into effect immediately, so you and your furry one can go back to living the life you love that much sooner.

Our veterinarian near Leonardtown provides top-quality animal care for all our four-legged friends. In addition to routine wellness exams, we also offer pet boarding to keep your pets safe and loved while you’re away. Of course, our veterinarian near Leonardtown also provides calm, compassionate and prompt treatment of all health conditions, including ear infections. Let’s learn more about those now.ear infections treatment from our veterinarian in Leonardtown

A Veterinarian Explains Ear Infections

Wondering how an ear infection works? Our veterinarian is here to help you out. Usually, an ear infection is when bacteria colonize your pet’s middle or inner ear. The name for the first is otitis media, while the second is called otitis interna. This is most common in dogs with floppy ears and a lot of hair, which makes it harder to stay clean and more susceptible to infection. Nevertheless, dogs of all kinds, as well as cats, experience ear infections quite commonly.

Infections can cause a variety of symptoms, including:

  • inflammation
  • itching
  • pain
  • head shaking
  • reluctance to eat
  • pawing the ear
  • imbalance
  • deafness

In extreme cases, you may also see discharge from the ear, bulging eardrums, unequal pupil size, paralysis and inability to blink. While all symptoms should be taken seriously, these last must be attended to immediately, so don’t wait to rush your animal to a veterinarian.

Pet Exams to Determine Your Pet’s Ear Condition and Overall Health

If we identify a problem in your pet’s ear (or anywhere else), we will immediately develop a treatment plan to help address it. In almost all cases, ear infections aren’t urgent, but sometimes they can be accompanied by a fever or other symptoms. Depending on the urgency of the situation, we will take steps either to address the situation immediately in our animal hospital or will send you home with the medications you need to ensure your pet’s return to health. Afterward, we will monitor the condition to make sure that your dog or cat experiences a full recovery.

Make Breton Veterinary Hospital Your Animal Hospital Today

If you’re in the market for a new veterinary provider, or just want to track down an animal hospital you can call in case of an emergency, we’re here for you. Our friendly, expert staff serves all of Southern Maryland – including Leonardtown, Hollywood, Lexington Park, Callaway, and the rest of St. Mary’s County – offering the best of care to all our animal patients. Ready to make an appointment? Please call us at (301) 475-7808 today and we’ll get started.

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