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A pet with behavior issues like excessive biting, scratching, barking, and meowing at all hours can be disruptive to a household. At Breton Veterinary Hospital in Leonardtown, we offer pet behavior counseling to help pets overcome behaviors that are making them difficult to live with. These frequently asked questions explain more about pet behaviors and how counseling works to correct behavior problems.


Why do pets misbehave?

Various factors can affect your pet’s behavior, both at home and when you’re out. Your pet may have medical issues that are prompting it to misbehave. If your adopted cat or dog has behavior problems, it may have developed these in a previous home or as a kitten or pup. Your pet may misbehave when visitors come over or if a new pet is added to the household. Changes in your pet’s environment, schedule, diet or lifestyle may also lead to behavior problems.

What kind of issues does pet behavior counseling deal with?

Through behavior counseling, our veterinarian can help your pet overcome poor behaviors such as biting, scratching, excessive barking or meowing, chewing on shoes or furniture, aggression toward people or other animals, separation anxiety, and more. We can also help your pet develop good habits and manners that will enable you to live together happily and harmoniously.

How does pet behavior counseling work?

Pet behavior counseling can be accomplished in several ways including the use of group classes, private classes, day training, and board training sessions, depending on the help your pet needs. Lessons on manners, obedience, and socialization, for example, can be learned in group classes. Private classes would be more appropriate for addressing specific problems such as aggression or separation anxiety. After evaluating your pet and discussing the behaviors you want to change, we can determine what kind of sessions would be best.

Who should I choose for pet behavior counseling?

By working with a reputable pet trainer or behaviorist, you’re more likely to have a positive counseling experience. When selecting a trainer, consider his or her qualifications, experience, and training methods. You can also ask for referrals to see how other pet owners rate the trainer and mode of operation.

At Breton Veterinary Hospital, you’ll work with a qualified veterinarian with ample experience in counseling pets with behavior problems. We’ll evaluate your pet to determine if any medical problems are contributing to poor behavior. If so, we’ll treat your kit or pup to improve the disposition and restore his or her health.

See Our Leonardtown Veterinarian for Pet Behavior Counseling

To schedule a consultation for pet behavior counseling for your pet contact Breton Veterinary Hospital in Leonardtown today at 301-475-7808.

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