Laser Therapy

Understanding the Benefits of Pet Laser Therapy

pet about to receive laser therapy in Leonardtown, MD

Pets inflicted with serious illnesses and injuries may benefit from hot or cold pet laser therapy. Laser therapy actually has a wide range of potential applications in the veterinarian world. Laser therapy can target tissues at the surface or deep in your pet’s body to treat the full range of painful, debilitating health conditions. This high tech procedure may be used to treat arthritis, soft tissue injuries, back pain and joint disorders. Treatment of skin conditions, including pod dermatitis, is also possible with low energy lasers. Pets of all kinds can undergo laser therapy to heal faster from wounds without developing an infection or other complications. Laser therapy also helps reduce pain and facilitates a fast, full recovery from illnesses, injuries and post surgically.

Wound Healing

Cold laser therapy uses low energy levels to facilitate cell regeneration for faster wound healing. Open wounds caused by bites or lacerations just need a few treatments with cold lasers to accelerate healing from the inside out. The treatments help nerve fibers heal just as quickly to prevent tingling, burning or itching sensations during the healing process. Pets are less likely to chew or lick their healing wounds after undergoing laser therapy treatments.

Laser treatments kill off bacterial colonies that could otherwise cause serious infections in open wounds or surgical sites. Pets only need a relatively quick blast from the lasers to eliminate the bulk of the bacteria on their skin. Although vets usually limit laser therapy for infection prevention to just three minutes, extend times can be used to treat other conditions at the same time. Vets can repeat this procedure again if the site starts to turn red, hot or show other signs of a developing infection.

Pain Relief

Laser therapy can instantly relieve pain your pet feels while recovering from serious health conditions, injuries and post surgically. Vets may use laser treatments in conjunction with other therapies to ensure pets heal in a timely manner without feeling excessive pain or discomfort. As a result, laser therapy reduces reliance on sedation or other potentially high risk pain control methods.

Pets often welcome the laser treatments after experiencing the results of the first visit. Pets may come right in and lie down beneath the laser in wait of its healing rays. Pet owners often notice their animal leave the vet clinic in better spirits than when they arrived. No matter how many laser treatments are needed for the diagnosed condition, pets always receive a full examination before having the procedure performed.

Making the Pet Laser Therapy Appointment

If your pet requires laser therapy support for ongoing illnesses or injuries, contact Breton Veterinary Hospital today. Your pet will receive a comprehensive examination and diagnostic procedures to identify the best combination of treatments for the given condition. The laser therapy sessions may be performed that day or after trying alternative treatments. You will work with your Leonardtown veterinarian to determine the best treatments to try for your pet.

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