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Giving your pets the nutrients they need is a critical aspect of keeping them well or restoring them to health. That's why our Leonardtown veterinary hospital makes a point of offering nutritional counseling, therapeutic diets and related services.

Filling a food bowl every day and handing out the occasional treat is a routine many pet owners perform without giving it much thought. But the foods you select for your pets, and the quantities you feed them, play an important role in their well-being. For instance, while it might seem convenient to let your cat eat your dog's food or vice versa, these two creatures have significantly different nutritional needs. Dogs are omnivores who can receive their necessary nutrients from a variety of different food sources, while cats are carnivores who must have meat (or products derived from meat ingredients) to survive. Cats also need food that contains a critical amino acid called taurine; a dog's body can manufacture its own taurine.

Neither animal should be treated to human food, which is too full of fats, sodium, sugar and other unhealthy additives. Some common human foods such as chocolate, garlic and onions can even cause serious illness. We can advise you about how to choose healthy treats for correct Leonardtown pet nutrition (including some products that offer "fringe benefits" such as the ability to reduce tartar buildup).

Pet obesity should be a major concern for owners. Complications from pet obesity can include hypertension, type 2 diabetes, organ disease, joint pain and even cancer. If we determine that your pet is overweight during a Leonardtown pet wellness exam, we can help him overcome the problem. Our therapeutic diets include weight loss programs to help your pet shed those dangerous extra pounds. How much food your pet should receive each day depends on normal breed size as well as age-related calorie expenditure. Puppies and kittens may require a relatively large amount of food daily, while senior pets may burn fewer calories and thus need to eat less in order to stay trim. We can give ongoing recommendations and make dietary changes to accommodate your pet's changing needs. 

Some pets require special dietary considerations due to allergies, sensitivities or underlying health conditions. We can provide specialized therapeutic diets for these animals as well. 

Let Us Be Your Leonardtown Pet Nutrition Experts

Breton Veterinary Hospital is standing by to serve as your pet's Leonardtown pet nutrition experts for life. Call (301) 475-7808 today to schedule an initial Leonardtown pet wellness exam so we can answer your questions and make any necessary dietary, weight and nutritional recommendations!

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