Pet Arthritis

Breton Veterinary Hospital Offers Pet Arthritis Care

Normal wear and tear on the spine can affect animals, just as it does in humans. Arthritis can cause pain and impaired mobility that can have a significant impact on your pet’s quality of life. At Breton Veterinary Hospital in Leonardtown, MD, we offer treatment for pet arthritis pain and stiffness.


Understanding Arthritis in Pets

Generally, arthritis symptoms occur in older animals, but in some circumstances, it can also affect younger dogs and cats. The structures within the joints and spine begin to deteriorate, and they become inflamed during normal movement. Swelling and tenderness of joints are common. The range of motion becomes impaired. Flexibility becomes limited. 

Symptoms of Arthritis in Cats

It is often difficult to determine when a cat is troubled by arthritis. Many pet owners believe slowing down and sleeping more is simply a product of aging. But it could be because your cat is experiencing pain, stiffness, and swelling due to arthritis in the joints or spine. A cat may also lick or chew at the painful area frequently. Your cat may become irritable when being picked up or moved, because of the discomfort. The condition can advance to a point where the spine causes a hunched appearance or the joints look misshapen. Treatment can help to reduce discomfort and improve mobility in your cat.

Symptoms of Arthritis in Dogs

You may notice your dog limping, due to pain and impaired function in the joints. Fatigue and increased sleeping is a common symptom of arthritis in dogs. Animals are often reluctant to play or go for long walks. They may yelp or groan when getting up from a lying position. Dogs may seem depressed or irritable. 

Pet Arthritis Treatments

Your veterinarian can prescribe safe and effective medications to reduce inflammation and pain from arthritis. In some cases, supplements are given to improve comfort levels and movements. Physical therapy can improve range of motion. Laser therapy, which uses low frequencies of light, help to heal tissues deep within the body and reduce pain. Surgery is sometimes needed to improve mobility.

Make Breton Veterinary Hospital Your Veterinarian in Leonardtown, MD

Dr. Fenwick and the staff at Breton Veterinary Hospital are committed to providing compassionate, effective care for all their patients in Leonardtown, MD and other communities in St. Mary’s County. We offer a range of services, including examinations, preventative care, vaccinations, surgery, laser therapy, behavioral counseling, nutritional counseling, and boarding. Call Breton Veterinary Hospital today at 301-475-7808 for an appointment to learn about today’s treatments to relieve pet arthritis.


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