Pet Behavior Counseling

What is Pet Behavior Counseling in Leonardtown?

Common pet behavior issues like digging holes in yards, barking at everything, running away, nipping/biting, destroying/chewing household items typically arise from pets never receiving proper discipline training as puppies or kittens, boredom or untreated medical problems. Fortunately, our veterinarian is experienced in pet behavior counseling in Leonardtown, a technique that not only discovers why your pet is misbehaving but can also determine if unwanted pet behavior may be caused by health problems.

pet behavioral counseling from your veterinarian in leonardtown

Aggressive Pets

Dogs that bare their teeth, growl, bark, charge or nip may be acting possessively or protectively of their family, yard, and food. When there are multiple dogs in a household, aggressive behavior from one dog is a sign of dominance. Aggressive cats will bite, scratch, hiss or even growl. Cats can be more territorial than dogs, especially unneutered cats that will not hesitate to fight with other cats to defend their territory. Also, aggressive pets may be in pain or ill. If your pet is acting aggressively and you don't know why, call our vet clinic to get behavior help for your pet.

Anxious/Nervous Pets

Signs of anxiety in dogs include whining, panting, urinating in the home, chewing and destroying household items. Nervous cats will meow loudly, hide under furniture and urinate outside the litter box. Some anxious pets may lick or pull out their fur compulsively. Reasons why normally calm pets become nervous involve changes in their routine, being left alone for long periods and boredom. Pets that constantly lick and bite their skin may have a skin condition such as a flea allergy or dermatitis. Pet behavior counseling in Leonardtown can help resolve these common pet behavior issues by getting to the underlying cause of bad behaviors, whether it is environmental, psychological or medical.

Medical Conditions and Pet Behavior

Misbehaving dogs and cats could be suffering parasitical infections, diabetes (produces skin "hot spots), urinary tract/bladder infections or internal pain caused by organ disorders. In addition, neurological problems may be contributing to aggressive or hyperactive behavior, especially if the nervous system is being stimulated abnormally by a medical problem. Before your pet receives pet behavior counseling in Leonardtown, your vet will perform a complete physical and possibly blood/lab work to rule out the possibility of health issues causing unwanted pet behaviors.

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