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Pet Boarding in Leonardtown at Breton Veterinary Hospital

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When it is time to make vacation decisions, it is important to know who will care for your pet while you are away. If you do not have a reliable pet-sitting relationship with a friend or neighbor, you may want to consider pet boarding in the safe, friendly atmosphere of our Leonardtown veterinary hospital.

Breton Veterinary Hospital, which serves Leonardtown, and surrounding communities such as: Hollywood, Lexington Park, Callaway, and the rest of St. Marys County; is a full service pet clinic providing boarding services for cats and dogs, including:

  • Kennels that are the right size for your dog or cat, whether large or small
  • A large outdoor play area for dogs
  • A separate indoor ward for cats with plentiful toys and climbing towers
  • Day hikes at your request (a fee in addition to boarding) and
  • Grooming services  while boarding or by appointment

Dog Day Care & Facility Visits

We also provide daycare at times when you have to work overtime or run errands and no one will be home to tend to your beloved companion. In fact, day boarding is good to prepare your pet for longer stays when you are on vacation or traveling on business.

Before signing up for dog day care or vacation boarding, you are welcome to visit our facilities at any time during open hours to get a clear picture of the accommodations, amenities, cleanliness and schedule.

Leonardtown Vaccinations for Boarding

In order to keep all the pets we board in good health, we require that your pet have received all core vaccinations as well as shots: canine influenza, bordetella (kennel cough) and a negative fecal test.

Core vaccinations for dogs include rabies (a legal requirement), canine distemper (DHPP). The vaccines for cats are rabies, distemper (FVRCP) and feline leukemia (FeLV).  

Please call or email us with information about your pet's current vaccination history so we can let you know if any other immunizations are necessary before boarding.

Diet, Hygiene & Emergencies

Regarding food, we offer quality dog and kibble twice a day and make sure that water bowls are always full. If a special diet is necessary or you prefer another product, we feed your pet the food (both wet and dry) that you provide. Our attendants clean the pet kennels twice a day or more frequently when necessary. Accommodations include clean, comfortable dog beds.

Appointments & Hours

If you are new to Breton, consider familiarizing your pet with our clinic by scheduling a well-care checkup with our veterinarian Dr. Lynn Fenwick.

Breton Veterinary Hospital is open six days a week. For hours and to set an appointment, please click here. At Breton Veterinary Hospital we take our role seriously concerning protection of your pet's health and happiness while boarding.

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