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Very few pets have naturally sweet breath, but bad breath is the least of the problems when it comes to pet dental concerns. Without regular care, almost all pets develop tartar buildup on their teeth, leaving them open to tooth decay and serious infections that can affect their entire well-being. At Breton Veterinary Hospital we make pet dental care an important part of every pet wellness examination. We find that keeping your pet's teeth healthy is one of the most important ways we can take care of her overall health and happiness.

Pet Dental Health is Serious Business

Like in humans, if your pet's teeth aren't cleaned regularly, they'll develop a sticky film called plaque. If left alone, plaque will harden into an unsightly yellow substance called tartar. By the age of three years old, most dogs and cats have some amount of tartar built up on their teeth.

Tartar contains microscopic holes which are the perfect environment for bacteria to breed in. This bacteria can cause a wide range of infections which can rot teeth and jawbone material, cause swelling in the tongue and gums, and even travel through your pet's blood to affect the heart and other organs.

A Leonardtown Veterinarian Pet Dental Exam

When our Leonardtown veterinarian checks your dog or cat's oral health, she'll begin by looking for missing, loose, or broken teeth. She'll also check the amount of tartar built up on the teeth, look at the color of the tongue and gums and even smell for unusually bad breath, which can be a sign of infection. If your pet needs it, our veterinarian will schedule teeth cleaning at a later date.

Pet dental cleaning is generally done under anesthetic. This is to keep your pet safe and free from fear and pain during the procedure. During the cleaning, we'll remove the tartar that's built upon the surface of your pet's teeth, both above and below the gum line.

Regular Oral Maintenance

After a cleaning, you'll want to keep your pet's mouth as healthy as possible. We'd be happy to show you the best ways to brush your dog's or cat's teeth. It's important to do this regularly to prevent further tartar buildup from happening. For most pets, having their teeth cleaned is a strange experience, and one they need time to get used to, but we can give you some hints to make the procedure go more smoothly.

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If your pet hasn't had a dental exam in at least a year, give us a call to set up an appointment. Contact our office at  (301) 475-7808 and we'll schedule a visit today.

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