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Pet Dermatology for Leonardtown Animals

Your pet will naturally raise a paw to scratch at a transient itch -- but if that scratching seems unusually intense, or your pet suffers from visible irritation or lesions, then you may be looking at a serious sin problem. Fortunately, you can get the pet dermatology services your Leonardtown pet needs right here at Breton Veterinary Hospital.

pet dermatology from our veterinarian in leonardtown

Signs and Causes of Pet Skin Problems

Pruritis (itching) is one of the most common signs of a pet skin problem. Your pet may scratch, lick, or bite at the itchy area obsessively. This is a problem because if the skin becomes broken, bacteria can enter and cause complications. You may notice red, swollen, inflamed lesions or "hot spots" on your pet's body. Patches of hair loss may accompany the skin symptoms due to constant scratching and/or fungal infection. If you feel an odd lump on your pet's body, this may be a tumor or other such mass. Potential causes of pet skin problems include:

  • Pet allergies - Pet allergies can easily cause skin problems. While some of the allergens may be transferred to your pet through the air or by brushing against plants, many food allergies can also produce skin symptoms.
  • Fleas and ticks - Fleas and ticks don't just transmit diseases through their bites; they can also trigger allergic dermatitis, subjecting your pet to maddening itchiness.
  • Skin cancer - While many lumps under the skin are simply benign tumors, others may be potentially-deadly skin cancers.
  • Bacterial infections - Pet ear infections, for instance, can occur when ear mites leave debris in the ear canal, causing your pet to scratch at the afflicted ear. Untreated pet ear infections not only damage the skin -- they may even lead to hearing loss.
  • Fungal and yeast infections - Fungi can invade your pet's skin to cause irritating, unsightly problems. One prime example, ringworm, creates characteristic ring-shaped patches of irritation and hair loss. Yeast infections can also cause skin disorders.
  • Systemic illnesses - Underlying health issues, from autoimmune diseases to hypothyroidism, can manifest themselves as pet skin problems. 
  • Poor nutrition - An unbalanced diet can create dry, flaky skin as well as a dull-looking coat.

Soothing Solutions From Breton Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Fenwick and the rest of our vet team at Breton Veterinary Hospital can isolate the specific cause of your pet's misery and recommend the right mix of treatment options to get him looking and feeling better. If pests are the root cause of a skin infection, dermatitis or ear infection, we can prescribe treatments to kill those pests, along with preventative medications to keep them away. Antibiotics, anti-fungal medications, and anti-inflammatory drugs can tame infections and irritations. Dietary and nutritional changes can relieve allergic reactions or dry/flaky skin. We can even remove suspicious tumors and check them for cancer.

Breton Veterinary Hospital is ready to serve as your pet dermatology resource. Call (301) 475-7808 today to schedule an appointment!

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