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Superlative Leonardtown Pet Surgery

Whether for emergency or routine surgery, Dr. Lynn Fenwick, pet surgery expert with 25 years of experience and your St. Mary’s County and Leonardtown vet, is the only choice for your pet. At our veterinarian hospital, we perform more highly complex surgeries than any other animal hospital in the area. Read on for more.

pet surgery

Pet Surgery Protocols at Breton Veterinary Hospital in Leonardtown

Anesthesias is always a concern for pet owners, but have no worries with our Leonardtown pet surgery. We only use rigorously tested and safe anesthesia products and at the minimal amount needed to keep your pet protected and comfortable during the procedure.

When your pet is operated on in our veterinarian hospital, he or she will enter a surgical suite equal to that in any human hospital, including a higher level of standards for veterinary and staff training, equipment, procedures for a sterile environment and more. After anesthesia is administered, your pet will be monitored throughout the entire process both by an assigned staff member as well as by our ultramodern technology and equipment that measures your pet’s respiration, heart rate, and oxygen levels. During the recovery phase, pets are located in a quiet, safe environment where they can wake up without injury or harm. They are also watched carefully during this phase to ensure a smooth transition back to consciousness.

Surgeries Performed by Our Leonardtown Vet

These are just a few of the many surgeries performed by Dr. Fenwick at our veterinarian hospital.

Spay and Neuter- Routine surgeries, these are nevertheless major surgeries requiring precision, experience, and skill. For female cats and dogs, Dr. Fenwick removes ovaries and uterus which, besides preventing future litters, also delivers a number of health benefits. In males, the testicles are removed which prevents testicular cancer as well as affords significant behavior improvements.

Foreign Body Removals- Unfortunately, many pets ingest foreign bodies that cause serious damage such as intestinal blockages. They may also fall victim to an object that penetrates the skin and lodges in the body. These are situations that may require immediate surgical attention.

Mass Removal- Whenever you feel a lump or mass anywhere on your pet’s body, it needs to be examined as soon as possible. Sometimes these are fatty tumors that require no surgical intervention, but some may need to removed and tested.

Urinary Tract Surgeries- Urinary tract problems are serious. We perform custom, which surgically connects the bladder to the pet’s skin for urine drainage and Perineal Urethrostomy, where we create a permanent opening in the urethra to remove obstruction of urinary flow. The latter is especially common in male cats.

Other Surgeries

  • Amputations
  • Laceration repairs
  • Cruciate repair of the canine knee and middle back leg joints

To find out more about pet surgeries done at Breton Animal Hospital in Leonardtown, call today!

No matter what your pet’s surgical need, we have you covered with our skilled, caring and professional Leonardtown pet surgery. Contact us at 301-475-7808 we’d be delighted to tell you more.

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