Preventative Care

Preventative Care from Your Veterinarian near Leonardtown

Brush your dog's teeth to prevent gum disease

Preventative care is one of the best ways to catch medical problems in their early stages. As your pet's animal hospital in Leonardtown, we provide a range of important preventative services. From wellness exams to weight loss help, we can reduce your pet's risk for a variety of conditions and can ensure that your pet gets the treatment he or she needs in order to avoid serious illnesses.  

Importance of Preventative Care

Preventative care is important for all pets.

  • Preventative dental care can prevent tooth loss and gum disease.
  • Seeing the veterinarian regularly can help your pet avoid unhealthy weight gain. 
  • Preventative care helps prevent serious conditions that can lead to expensive veterinary bills. 

Preventative Care Services Offered by Your Pet's Veterinarian near Leonardtown

As your pet's veterinarian near Leonardtown, we provide a range of preventative care services to pets of our community. 

  • Wellness Exams - During your pet's exam, we'll perform a full physical, checking your pet's skin, eyes, ears, teeth, mouth, breathing and heart rate. We'll also weigh your pet and answer any questions you might have about your pet's care at home. If your pet has gained weight or is an unhealthy weight, we'll also make recommendations to get your pet's weight under control. 
  • Vaccinations - Vaccinations help protect your pet from serious illnesses and deadly diseases. At Breton Veterinary Hospital, we administer a range of core and non-core vaccines to animals of the area. Core vaccines are administered to all pets. Non-core vaccines are only administered to pets that may be at risk for certain conditions. 
  • Dental Care - Preventative dental care, like cleanings and dental exams, helps protect pets from periodontal disease and tooth loss. 
  • Parasite Control - Parasites like heartworm, fleas, and ticks can spread diseases that can make your pet seriously ill. We administer medications that can prevent parasitic infections. 
  • Dietary Recommendations - We help pet owners decide which nutrition choices can help pets maintain a healthy weight and enjoy a reduced risk of heart disease. 
  • Behavioral Recommendations/referrals - Behavior problems can negatively impact the relationship between pet and owner. We help pets develop healthy behaviors to improve their relationships at home and improve their quality of life. 
  • Microchipping - Microchipping helps prevent pet loss and can help your pet be reunited if you are ever separated. 

Benefits of Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can help defray the cost of pet wellness care, which in turn can help prevent greater costs down the road. As a pet owner, you'll be able to choose from a variety of pet insurance plans that cover services. At Breton Veterinary Hospital, we recommend that patients explore pet insurance options to ensure that their pet is able to get basic services when they're needed. 

We accept a variety of pet insurances. To find out more about getting your pet insured, take a look at our payment page

Contact Your Pet's Veterinarian for Preventative Care

We provide a range of services for pets in Leonardtown and the surrounding area. As your St. Marys County and Leonardtown veterinarian, we recommend that pet owners bring their pets in for preventative care at least once annually. To make an appointment for a wellness exam, vaccinations and other preventative services, contact us today at (301) 475-7808.

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