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Breton Veterinary Hospital Offers Senior Pet Care


Keeping your pet healthy in the senior years takes a little extra attention and care. Your veterinarian can help with more frequent examinations and testing, to catch small problems in the early stages and to deal with more serious problems with comprehensive treatment. At Breton Veterinary Hospital in Leonardtown, MD, we understand the special needs of senior pets.

Common Problems of Senior Dogs

Similar to people, the years can take a toll on pets. Dogs may slow down and be less eager to romp and run due to age. Osteoarthritis results from normal wear and tear on joints, and it can become painful to move around. Your dog may not hear as well and may not respond to your commands as before. Vision loss can become a problem. Diabetes, which can cause serious health problems, can develop into more complications. Signs of heart disease can occur. Your dog may develop thyroid problems or have liver impairment. The kidney function may diminish. Less exercise or a poor diet can lead to weight problems. Tumors can develop on the skin or deep within the body. Proper treatment for these issues can help your dog to live a longer, more active life.

Common Problems of Senior Cats

Cats begin to show signs of aging, though usually at a later age than dogs do. They may develop thyroid disorders, diabetes or kidney disease that requires ongoing treatment. Vision loss and hearing loss can occur. Arthritis can cause discomfort, reluctance to exercise and depression as well. Various types of cancer can develop, either externally or internally. Skilled veterinary care can help to manage these problems, so you can enjoy your cat’s companionship for a longer time.

Managing Senior Pet Health Problems

Regular visits ensure the vet can carefully monitor your pet’s condition. Testing can alert the vet of hidden health problems, so treatment can begin. Your vet can also advise you on a proper diet for senior animals and how to make your household more accessible for a pet with vision or hearing loss. If your pet has a medical condition, the vet can provide ongoing care to manage the problem.

Make Breton Veterinary Hospital Your Veterinarian in Leonardtown

Dr. Fenwick and our staff at Breton Veterinary Hospital make quality care the priority for all our patients in Leonardtown, MD, and St. Marys County. We offer a broad range of veterinary services, including vaccinations, preventative care, dental care, diagnostics, surgery, laser therapy, nutritional counseling, and boarding. Call Breton Veterinary Hospital at 301-475-7808 for a pet examination appointment today. Also, learn about the best ways to care for your pet in their senior years.



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