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Here at Breton Veterinary Hospital, our Leonardtown veterinarian, Dr. Fenwick, and her team are proud to offer a high standard of care through a variety of services. These services include:

General Preventative Care - By catching problems before they spread, we can administer treatment as early as possible. We provide wellness evaluations, vaccinations, and other wellness essential care. Spay or neuter surgery is another important preventative step. Not only does it eliminate the risk of unwanted litters, but it also reduces aggression, roaming, and other potentially destructive mating-oriented behaviors.

Pest Prevention - Pest prevention is critical for your pet's health. Fleas and ticks carry dangerous diseases, while heartworm infestation can do fatal damage to the heart and lungs. Our office uses the finest pest prevention and treatment products from leading pharmaceutical houses such as Zoetis to help keep these intruders at bay. Bravecto, for instance, is an excellent topical flea and tick preventative that can be tolerated even by pregnant dogs, while Revolution protects dogs and cats alike from fleas, ticks, and heartworm.  Ask about our many products available. 

Dental Care & Dental Surgery - Proper dental care can save your pet's teeth -- and possibly even his life. The bacteria that cause tooth decay, painful gum disease and tooth loss can also travel to the body's major organs, so annual professional cleanings are important. We also look for oral cancer, another potential killer. If your pet requires dental surgery to remove a cancerous growth or extract a tooth that threatens the health of other teeth, our team can administer precise doses of anesthesia and perform the necessary work with great skill.

Urgent Care - If your pet suffers from lacerations, fractures, poisoning, heat stroke, snakebite or some other medical emergency, bring him to Breton Veterinary Hospital right away (if possible, call ahead to let us know you're coming so we can make preparations.) We can provide everything from poison treatment and emergency hydration to major surgery during regular hours. If your pet needs immediate care even though his life is not in danger, we will always do our best to provide urgent care between scheduled appointments.

Pet Boarding - Veterinary pet boarding is a smart move if you have to travel without your beloved companion. We can provide a safe, friendly atmosphere while attending to any special medical needs your dog or cat may have. Pets love our large play area! We also offer day care and day hike services during boarding.

Laser Therapy - Laser therapy is a wonderfully soothing alternative to painkillers for many pets. The low-level laser harmlessly penetrates the skin to warm injured or painful tissues, boost blood flow for quicker healing, and relieve chronic joint pain and inflammation.

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Contact Breton Veterinary Hospital at 301-475-7808 to learn more about the extent of our services and techniques. Then take advantage of our efficient, computerized appointment book to schedule an initial visit for your pet!

Our veterinarians and our registered veterinary technicians can answer any of your questions.  

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